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Rachel Mayfield

Something of an enigma

Sam Stallard, NME

A pleasing, teasing, law unto herself.
Jim Arundel, Mojo

​An ambiguous, heady brew of power, politics, pleasure and personality all rolled into one. Redbrick Magazine
University of Birmingham

An extraordinarily gifted singer-songwriter - possessed of an exquisitely wayward, multi-octave voice.
Paul Lester, Melody Maker

Pretty much incredible, a twinkly, twinkly star

Caitlin Moran, The Times

​Rachel Mayfield has wit and nerve
Time Out London

Rachel Mayfield is one of the most important women in contemporary music. She is a bruised yet strangely sensuous woman. 
Anthem Magazine

A Goddess of Indie Rock - NME

Pleasure with brains
Buzz factory

Rachel Mayfield is a true artist and a master of dynamics. With 'Winter of Desire' she has produced an album destined to be the vital soundtrack for anyone who has ever experienced epic love and loss.
Antonia Woodward, Gig Junkies

Mayfield's voice is to sigh for, full of pure, unforced beauty.
Whats On

Capable of soul-baring, sensuous ferocity.

Katatonic Magazine

Anyone who has not experienced the fragile beauty of Rachel Mayfield's aural aura needs to make it their priority. The lyrics, personal and allegorical, tell the story of an artist who hasn't chosen art; art has chosen her. Lucky us.

Andy Strachan, Rate Your Music

Emphatic, balanced, artistry.
Nicholas Manthorpe - Evening News

Rachel Mayfield opens her mouth and this voice unleashes itself in all its just controlled, terrifying beauty.

Sara Manning, NME

The lady has everything; a totally individual sound and personality, with a magnetic, transfixing presence. She dominates centre stage like the innocent but knowing eye of a technicolour hurricane.

Brum Beat

Mayfield's voice is infused with an unmistakable and exhilarating passion which sends a shiver down the spine - It's quite difficult to be cynical about Rachel Mayfield - she oozes sincerity from every pore. She clearly has an immense amount of faith in what she's doing, and it's impossible not to be carried along by it all.

Making Waves, Oxford

Magically babetitious.

Caren Myers, Melody maker

A gorgeous, poison honey, soaring voice.

Mike Davies, Brum Beat

Rachel Mayfield's voice is swooping, demanding, pleading but always seductive.

Cornwall College Student Magazine

Raw energy and well-balanced sensitivity. 

Leon Burakowski, Dudley chronicle

With an inherent ability to be both vulnerable and untouchable, operating outside of the traditional verse/chorus constraints of boy rock formulas, exploring musical structures and exploding anachronistic girl myths surrounding sexuality in a frank and fearless way, she is as exciting, unpredictable and dangerous as a ten-legged Tyrannosaurus.

Sam Steele, NME

Rachel Mayfield's voice is full of wistful longing and wild abandonment with lyrics that make me want to shout out loud wherever I am.

Mark Baker, Pi, ULU, Union Magazine

Albums of warmth, power and feeling.
The official paper of UMIST Students Union

by Rachel Mayfield

She is everywhere by Rachel Mayfield

News; Enjoy a free download of the song 'Ugly, Pretty, Little, City'  a live recording, ahead of the studio album to be released in October 22. Johnny Kowalski on guitar and vocals, view his work on Instagram @sexyweirdonumber1







alt-folk, Indie rock, alternative


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associated arts//

writing, short film, narrative photography,


New work//

Truth to Material 12/10/22


associated roles//

delicious monster - founder/principal songwriter


1990 -present//

Solo Albums

Truth to Material 12/10/22

Venture of Belief 2010

Winter of Desire 2005

Transports of Delight 2000


delicious monster (1990-1997)

Joie de Vivre (Album)

Big Love EP

Ripped EP

Snuggle EP

Power Missy EP

Indie Top Forty (Compilation)

Expo (Compilation)

Dull, Dull, Dull EP

Winter of Desire

Take me to god//

News; Winter of Desire, has a new, limited edition, CD and Lyric Book release in September 22. The release will coincide with a new short film for the song 'Take me God' made by artist and filmmaker Janet Lees. View more of her work on Instagram @janetlees2.0 






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Iron Man Records

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