Music and Arts


Hello, I am happy you have found me. I am a musician and conceptual artist based in England. I live between my home town of Birmingham and the city of London UK. I currently study at Birkbeck, University of London.

There are many ways you can experience what I make. You can collect my music from the selection in my independent arts shop. Along with collectable items and gifts from all collections. Perhaps you would like to meet me and attend a live performance, reading or mixed media exhibition. I create at least one exhibition or performance a year. Details will be updated on this website.


I hope that you will experience my creativity as something special and memorable, that you can relate to your own life stories. The music, words and film are created from personal perspectives to consider wider ideas. I portray alternative worlds that I observe within this world and deliver each piece in a series, season or snapshot. If you are intrigued by multi-layered viewpoints, independent thought and fun with a twist, my output might be for you


My journey into music and arts began when I found myself wanting to understand the feeling of separation I felt as a young child. I taught myself to play the guitar aged nine and became hooked on marrying the sound with words. When there wasn't enough room in songs, I began to write poetry and ideas for novelettes. I also seek out special images to heighten the sensory experience of what I convey. This is where film and narrative photography begins for me.

By natural chance, I have a heightened sense of curiosity and a love of adventure. I am fascinated by the human need for the extraordinary and uncovering the true meaning of the ordinary. My creativity serves the sensual and surreal, along with the complex ideals of mystery.


Hobbies include simple things like cycling, walking, finding unique collectables and researching holistic health and lifestyles.

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