my first record

Updated: May 3

To hear your bands song on Radio One on it's first day of release! Not dull at all! That's what happened to my band delicious monster in the early 90's after. Each member of the band paid £50 to record at Workshop studios in Redditch, UK. The wonderful Dave Morris loved the band and produced the sessions. He made us sound fierce and fresh. A new Independent distribution company called APT heard the tracks and pressed up 2000 Vinyl EP Copies of the songs. Our friend who became our manager, John Glennon, managed to get a copy to Radio one and the magic happened. The small but sweet success of this song lead to the band being chosen to feature on the Beechwood music label EXPO album and then on to signing our first major record contract with Flute Records, Beechwood Records own alternative label.

The song was written by the band. Joseph Stokes created the guitar riff. I added the lyric and top line melody (the singing tune) and Huck Whitney wrote and played his bass line. Drums were played by Fuzz Towshend. I actually wrote the lyric about the bassist Huck. He was my boyfriend at the time and I got jealous of him flirting with another singer in my home town of Birmingham! I was a very sensitive young lady.

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