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Truth to Material - Buried Treasure

Truth to Material has an added challenge in that it is directly inspired, in the short film and music, by my connection to Birmingham and the Midlands. Who will care about it or relate to it outside of it's local West Midlands screenings, who isn't a Brummie? For example, I toured various holistic lifestyle music festivals in 2022, another passion of mine, (the natural lifestyle, not festivals, I prefer galleries and glamping) and as the songs from Truth to Material were my most current, I performed them. They were moderately well received. Quizzical eyebrows were mostly raised during my impassioned story telling, in the song 'High Rise' that is about the ghosts of industry. I had envisioned them rising from the clay of the ground the HS2 crew are currently excavating, at the back of Moor Street Station in the city centre. My only lucky break was that I supported Macka B on one show, and his band were primarily reggea artists from Birmingham who had a coach load of Peaky Blinders there to cheer them on. One of these said they recognised the park I was describing in the song 'Pride of Place' because their mom lived near there too. It is a treasured surprise therefor that 'Buried Where?' the first song from the collection to be posted on Youtube is doing well, with lots of plays. It didn't cost a lot to make the film, The Rotunda, that is the round building in the heart of the town centre, gifted me the use of their penthouse suite for a couple of hours, so that I could get a wide backdrop of the town for the clip. Since it's release I have had listeners say that they can relate to the lyric of the song, even though they have never visited this way. They too have an urge to acknowledge the unsung characters of their towns and within their families, and the small but significant events that define them. The hidden losses and gains in their own story. The lives I sing to remember in 'Buried Where?' are the babies and young children of Birmingham, who were refused gravestone sites due to their family not being considered Christian enough, and it is now being discovered, were cast to the side of the burial site without memorial, way back when. I wanted to know about them, and their relationship to my city of birth. They all relate to me, which is the purpose of this adventure.

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