Truth to Material

Studio recording of  album. Final pro edit and screening event for short film.

Venture of Belief

Master mix of album recordings. Limited edition Vinyl pressing

Winter of Desire

Limited edition Vinyl pressing

Study & Writing

Supporting the writing and development of my poetry and prose collection and study life

Project Donate

Every independent musician and artist's dream is to develop their work to it's fullest potential without compromising its integrity and quality. That is my dearest wish too. I think about it every day. I live and breath this desire.

I have been on a personal journey to remain inspired and devoted to this aim from the day I stepped into the world of professional music and arts aged nineteen. Perhaps earlier than that, when I found out how connective music and singing can be when I needed something to soothe me.


My creative life has been an intrepid and at times hazardous adventure. I share more about this in the work itself but my reasons for fighting on when it seemed that nobody was listening and I was all alone in my quest, were the times I had to believe even more.


I had an experience once where hearing somebody else's journey saved me. I have had many experiences like that and I am certain that this is reason enough to make art the way I do. To reach the right person at the right time.


My vision is to see each season of work performed, recorded and manufactured into a beautiful physical collection that could be cherished and kept forever. My special contribution to the world. A story of a life lived and tried. A truth.

You can be a part of making this happen. You can be more involved by donating to this ideal and ethic and have your name on the work itself as someone who made it possible. You would also be invited to special events and any other special occasion or limited edition that I can add as this opportunity grows.

Funding for the arts can be a complicated process. Being a patron of the arts is a historical position of importance. It has affected the lives of many creators and the people who engage with the work for years to come. You can affect my life and my work. I hope to positively affect your life in return. Thank you.