Rachel Mayfield

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I create collections that tell stories of change, challenge, mystery and pleasure. Through songs, short films and words, I gather experiences and develop them as adventures.  

Rachel Mayfield Venture of Belief


Venture of Belief

To bring my body back to me. Ideas on ways to live a holistic life became my next subject of interest in Venture of Belief. I had to learn to speak a new language of the heart to change. I began to put poems to beats and marry them to moving images. I filmed the days I spent alone getting to know my body. I hadn't realised the distance between me and it before this. The films were warmly received by the art film culture. They were screened as part of the British Film Institute, Love season, and other independent film festivals and events. The poetry album is available on Spotify. I am currently re-recording the songs. View a short film here


Winter of Desire

My whole life changed after the breakdown of a significant relationship; I wrote about it to survive it. However, there seemed never to be enough space or ways to exorcise the sense of loss. Songs were no longer enough. I looked obsessively for signs and images to help understand and shed the burden. I filmed my journey on the London underground over and over. I photographed objects that I saw in the street. This process continued for a decade. It led to me creating my first short film, having an exhibition of post card art and writing a book of the same name. Only then was I able to move on to the next phase of my life. Listen here

Rachel Mayfield Winter of Desire

Photography Huck Whitney

Rachel Mayfield

Photography Maria Saracini


Transports of Delight

An album of songs written during my first trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, I fell in love with it. Transports of Delight is the story of an epiphany, a realisation of other cultures, other lifestyle choices, and the letting go of my story of birth. I spent five years on my first ever holiday of the body and mind. The band didn't wait for me, so I recorded and released the songs with musicians I met along the way. The result was a mix of jazz, rock and roll, ballad and indie. It's sound reflects the way I felt, lost in a carnival on a dark night... listen here 


delicious monster

As the principal song writer and front person of the band delicious monster, I wrote on the themes of female identity, ideology of choice and personal power play. These themes were born out of the restrictive lifestyle options I felt at the time, hailing from a city in the UK and having a feeling of being the odd one out. With my band mates, I created a fantasy world of freedom in the heavy mercurial sound that was eventually categorised as Indie Rock. We released one album and four EPs to national and international acclaim. Listen here

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