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rachel Mayfield

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Rachel Mayfield
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Rachel Mayfield

Something of an enigma

Sam Stallard, NME

A pleasing, teasing, law unto herself.
Jim Arundel, Mojo

Pretty much incredible, a twinkly, twinkly star
Caitlin Moran, The Times

​An ambiguous, heady brew of power, politics, pleasure and personality all rolled into one. Redbrick Magazine
University of Birmingham

An extraordinarily gifted singer-songwriter - possessed of an exquisitely wayward, multi-octave voice.
Paul Lester

​Rachel Mayfield has wit and nerve
Time Out London

Rachel Mayfield is one of the most important women in contemporary music. She is a bruised yet strangely sensuous woman. 
Anthem Magazine

A Goddess of Indie Rock - NME

Pleasure with brains
Buzz factory

Rachel Mayfield

Collect the Hearts
New Work

Rachel Mayfield








alt-folk, Indie rock, alternative


years active//



associated arts//

writing, short film, narrative photography,


New work//

Collect the Hearts 2023


associated roles//

delicious monster - founder/principal songwriter


1990 -present//

Albums & Art projects

Truth to Material 12/10/22

Venture of Belief 2010

Winter of Desire 2005

Transports of Delight 2000


delicious monster (1990-1997)

Joie de Vivre (Album)

Big Love EP

Ripped EP

Snuggle EP

Power Missy EP

Indie Top Forty (Compilation)

Expo (Compilation)

Dull, Dull, Dull EP

Winter of Desire

Take me to god//

News; Winter of Desire, a limited edition, CD and Lyric book is available now

Read More

New short film for the song 'Take me God' by artist and filmmaker Janet Lees. View on Instagram @janetlees2.0 





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