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Truth to Material - Takeover by Poet Dave Straughan 30/7/19

Truth to Material - 23/7/19 - Takeover by Poets Carys Hannah and Louise M Hart

Truth to Material - 16/7/2019 - Takeover by Poets Holly Daffurn and Louise M Hart

Truth to Material - Take over by poet Louise Hart

Truth to Material - Take over by artist Kirk Andrews

Truth to Material - 26/6/19 - with artist Lorraine Loots

Truth to Material - 4/6/19 Homage to a friend who passed too soon

Truth to Material - 22/5/19 - Shirley Collins MBE

Truth to Material 17/4/19 - Love from Stourbridge - with Miles Hunt

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 10 - 9/4/19

On this episode I meet Alternative Rock icon Jim Jones ahead of his tour with 'Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind' and the release of their new album

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 9 - 2/4/19

On this episode I go to the pub with rockers 'Black Bombers" the hotly tipped Rock and Roll band

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 8 - 26/3/19

On this episode I play songs from my record collection and by songwriters I have met along the way

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 7 - 12/3/19

On this episode i discuss Conceptual Art with Vienna based, Birmingham born, artist Teddy Green

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 6 - 5/3/19

On this episode I am interviewed by Poet Dave Straughan about by my years spent away from the spotlight

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 5 - 26/2/19

On this episode I discuss Creative photography with Andy Gurnett

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 4 -19/2/19

On this episode I walk around the Digbeth Arts Area of Birmingham and talk to Anthony Poulton Smith the director of Tamworth Literary Festival

Truth To Material - Radio - Episode 3 - 12/2/2019

Help for the homeless in Birmingham edition. Joining me is Angela Sheridan-Hunt Ash who founded the SBC Family. 

Truth To Material - Episode 2 - 5/2/19

Joining me are Ash Gould a musician and presenter on National Talk Radio and his friend The Comedy Terrorist Aaron Barschak

New Season - Truth To Material - Episode 1 - 29/1/19

On this episode I discuss Dance and Sculpture with artist Clare Whelan

Winter of Desire - Radio Broadcast - 18/12/18

A special end of year Radio broadcast edition of my yearly arts installation 'Winter of Desire'

Brum Radio - Truth To Material - With Aaron Barschak - 4/12/18

I had the great pleasure of meeting the Comedy Terrorist and Human Rights activist Aaron Barschak in the summer of 2018. He traveled up to my home town of Birmingham for a visit. This is what happened.

Brum Radio - In conversation with Joan Armatrading - 30/10/2018

With special guest Joan Armatrading. Enjoy an hour of talk and music with me and the sensational Joan Armatrading 

Brum Radio - Truth To Material - With Richard March - 25/9/2018

The First of three shows on the subject of the truth of having a long term career in alternative music. My first guest is Richard March. musician and founder member of Pop Will Eat Itself and Bentley Rhythm Ace amongst others

Brum Radio - Truth To Material -28/8/2018

The language and soul of writing in all forms. New languages in art and at the heart of alternative folk and blues music in Birmingham. A lively and fun episode of of my show on Brum Radio with guests, Playwright Elaine Taylor, Novelist Kait Elva, Poet Paul Birtill, Filmaker Shelley Hopkins, Frontman of The Courtesy Group and poet Al Hutchins, guest show host, poet Dave Straughan. Music by The Cribbler and Courtesy Group


Brum Radio - Truth To Material - 31/7/2018 - 7pm

Listen in to my July show on Brum Radio as I return to London and take a walk in the woods with my friend and emerging novelist Kait Elva. We talk about our new work in progress,  the writing process, the extremes of nature, erotica and censorship and much more


Brum Radio - Truth To material - 26/6/2018 - 7pm

Listen in to my show on Brum radio chatting with Miles Hunt and other friends. Broadcast on 26/6/2018


Brum Radio - Truth To material - 22/5/2018 - 7pm

Listen to 'Truth To Material' the first of my own new Radio Show for Brum Radio - the alternative sound for Birmingham. Broadcast on 22/5/2018


Brum Radio - Sleevenotes - 29/3/2018 -7pm

Listen in to my takeover show for artist Trevor Pitt on Brum Radio broadcast on 29/3/2018


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